Central's Church Stories - by Dave Mathers
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Church story for May 8th

CENTRAL'S CHURCH STORY - Sunday, May 8th -
by Dave Mathers

Mothers Day saw many families return home and come to attend the second service at Central United Church. Kate Telfer started things off by lighting the Christ Candle. Music Director Lauri Ladd then enthralled the congregation with her beautiful self-accompanied solo ‘What a Wonderful World’.

The normal Children’s Story slot was filled by a wonderful video pictorial presentation of congregational mothers both alive and deceased.

The Message ‘Different Kinds of Mothers; One Call to Serve’ drew from four appropriate Bible readings. The first reading from 1st Kings 3:25-26 tells the story of two mothers arguing over ownership of one child. Presenting their claims to King Solomon he delivered another of his wise decisions when he told them to cut the baby in half and give each woman half. One mother stated "Oh no, master! Give her the whole baby alive; don’t kill him!". Thus Solomon knew that she was the true mother and had followed God’s true love.The second reading from 1st Samuel 1:25-26 tells the story of Hannah who prayed to God to allow her to bear a child. She was so grateful when the child was born that once the child Samuel was weaned she took him to Eli, the High Priest of Shiloh, and asked him to raise her son in a holy life. The third reading 2nd Timothy 1:5 relates the very strong influence that grandmother Lois and mother Eunice had on the young Timothy who became a companion and coworker with Paul, spreading God’s work. Timothy went on to become the first Bishop of Ephesus. And Paul, while imprisoned in Rome, would write letters to Timothy and the letters became known as the book of Ephesians in the Bible. The final reading came from John 2:5 retells the famous story of Jesus attending a wedding that was also attended by His mother Mary. The party had gone on for a long time and they had unfortunately run out of wine. Mary asked Jesus to help but He stated it was too early to reveal Himself as the Son of God. Mary persisted and Jesus instructed the staff to bring Him jars of water. Mary told the staff to do whatever Jesus said. Miraculously the water was converted to wine.

Dave Mathers delivered the Prayers of the People.

An encore performance of a delightful musical called ‘Back To The Cross’ by the Junior Choir will be presented Sunday, June 5 at 10.30 A.M.