Inn Out of The Cold
The Original Railway Church
Who are the homeless in St Thomas Elgin?
What does a homeless person look like? Many people visualize a homeless person as being a drug user, drunk, unkept or someone who just doesn't want to work. Nothing could be further from the truth!
The guests of the Inn Out of the Cold may look a little unkept at times and initially may not seem very approachable. Living on the street does not give them the benefit of a daily shower. A few have physical, emotional and mental health problems. Nearly all lack the support of family and friends and are deperately in need of a friendly smile and a helping hand.
Homelessness is not just a problem of larger cities like London. The problem exists in St. Thomas and Elgin County. There are many local agencies that offer support to the homeless, but for a variety of reasons the homeless cannot always go to these agencies.
The lack of emergency shelter for men and women is a growing concern in our community. Before the creation of Inn Out of the Cold there were no emergency shelters for men or youth in St. Thomas and Elgin County.
The lack of housing often results in men having to leave their employment or young males having to quit their schooling in order to find housing in the St Thomas area. Ontario Works staff estimated that they referred about 65 men to shelters in London in 2009. Inn Out of the Cold provides another option. We realize that this is not a solution to the problem of homelessness but rather an aid to help in coping with it and Central United Church is happy to be able to offer our facilities in order to provide a warm shelter for those in need.
Homelessness means "no shelter, no food, no friends" -- survey participant
How Can You Help?
Volunteering your time
Through Financial Support

If you can help please contact the Inn Out of the Cold office by calling 519-633-2638 Ext 220 or visit the Inn Out of the Cold website.
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